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What is The Social Planning Council?


o Monthly Meetings: Attend meetings with guest speakers from within the community &/or presentations at each meeting. We currently meet the fourth Monday of every month (excluding summer) at City Hall with light lunch by donation.

o Facebook & Email Group: Utilize the network on Facebook. Start discussions, learn about & share upcoming community events, projects and meetings. If you don’t use Facebook, then join the email network instead.

o Inform City Council: The SPC provides reports to City Council regularly and the City keeps the SPC informed. Use the network and have your voices heard.

Strategic Direction of the Social Planning Council of Williams Lake & Area:

o Poverty Reduction and the local Living Wage Campaign.

o Community Collaboration and Networking.

o Retention and Succession of residents within the Area.

Community Social Planning:

o Supports communities in building an integrated approach to complex problems that take into account social, economic, and environmental concerns.

o Maximizes the effectiveness of often scarce resources by working to reduce duplication, overlap and competition.

o Provides an ongoing forum for communication, coordination and conflict resolution.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meeting Minutes – March 28, 2011

Meeting Minutes – March 28, 2011

Attendance (from sign-in sheet): Ann Smith, Carrie Sundahl, Nancy Gale, Michelle Daymond, Jocelyn Wood, Michael Lucas, Tatjana Bates, Frances Rutherford, Annie McKitrick, Jay Goddard, Jan Fichtner, Rosanna McGregor, Kimberly McLennan, Sally Errey and Jessica Knodel.

1) Review and acceptance of the Mar 28/11 meeting minutes and May 2/11 agenda

2) Feature Speaker – Sally Errey, BBP (blood borne pathogens) Prevention Worker for the Boys & Girls Club, discusses Harm Reduction Strategies.

Presentation Summary: All of us take risky behaviours throughout our lives and BBP Harm Reduction Programs provide safe options and alternatives to minimize these risks and thereby reducing costs to people and society.

Blood Borne Pathogen Harm Reduction strategies include: Drop-in centres, public health outreach, emergency shelters, condom distribution, needle exchanges, overdose prevention campaigns, needle drop boxes, prescription narcotics, supervised drug consumption facilities.

Harm Reduction strategies are evidence based from research all across the world and is supported by Interior Health. As an example the Insight Society reported a 30% reduction in over doses after Harm Reduction strategies were implemented.

The group of third year nursing students working with Sally have now completed their project on this subject. They applied a Community Readiness Assessment Tool kit and administered survey questions to a wide sample of friends, family, teachers and others from around the City. Their Final Report results showed high scores in denial and resistance. The students Bobby Lindemark, Connie Casler and Haley
Engel also created a brochure about Harm Reduction that should be printed soon with assistance from Interior Health.

What can we all do? Strategies in the tool kit include: a) Announcing and highlighting the prevalence of BBP within the local community to really “hit home” (a local example is that there is a high prevalence of chlamydia and gonorrhea within Williams Lake), b) speaking to groups at every opportunity and sharing what you learn with others afterwards, and c) having an educational table and display at events.

One current initiative in Williams Lake is providing free & confidential CARE Packages which include condoms available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Public Health Office (540 Borland), CMHA (across from Safeway), Womens Contact Society (above Cariboo Ski), Kornak & Hamm’s Pharmacy, Cariboo Friendship Society, the Yorston Medical Clinic, and Mental Health office (487 Borland Street).

To book a presentation to help raise awareness or for copies of brochures or posters, please contact Sally (prevention@noopa.org, 250-392-5730).

Discussions which followed:

Annie noticed that unlike other communities Williams Lake appears to be lacking options and asked what types of Pregnancy Prevention Programs are available to people in Williams Lake?

Sally answered the long term goal is to get a clinic in Williams Lake for marginalized youth with no options available to them. Currently it is very hard to even get a PAP screening in town for those without a family doctor (which many don’t have due t the limited amount of local Physicians. Current local options include a) “Compassionate Package” which is a Government Program through referral from a family doctor and takes 4 – 6 weeks, and b) Emergency contraceptive is available at the cost of approximately forty dollars.

3) Employment Program Contract Proponent Requests

Two employment services proposals from Williams Lake are being submitted to the Province of BC for consideration. The SPC has been asked to write letter of support for both Horton & Associates (Williams Lake Employment Services) and jointly for AXIS & ESP Consulting. The table agreed that it is not in conflict of interest to write letters for both agencies as long as the SPC focuses on the “need” of the services both these proposals provide (rather than endorsing agencies themselves).

Action: Jay will draft both letters and circulate them for feedback. The SPC will then send a letter of support to each agency.

4) Williams Lake Food Policy Council (WLFPC) Community Gardens

Currently the FPC needs 3 million liability insurance for their garden space before the City can allow people to use the sites.

Pursuing insurance for the gardens requires other layers of insurance to be in place within their “parent” organization, at present the SPC. Other options include finding another parent organization (currently there is not enough man power at the FPC to form their own society).

The SPC Executive wants to assist the FPC to get their community gardens available for use as soon as possible and is comfortable keeping the FPC as a sub-committee for the interim, but require more communication with the Board of the SPC. Jay point out that Director’s Insurance for example doesn’t help anyone if the SPC is not involved with the FPC.

It was decided that at least one Director from the SPC Board needs to have an active role within the FPC and report directly to the SPC Executive. Nancy Gale was nominated to be a Board Member for this role and agreed to be the liaison between the SPC Board table and Michelle Daymond the current sub-contracted Food Action Coordinator for the FPC.

The SPC does not currently have the additional insurance policies the FPC requires, and since they have no confirmed funding past June, the FPC offered to help pay for insurance.

Action: Rosanna will follow up with Insurance Agent to pursue further insurance.

5) Communities That Care Program update April 2011 – Carrie Sundahl

Sustainability Working group meeting - Goals were determined as:

oContinuation of Contract
oForward planning regarding Youth Survey
oGrowth in membership
oGrowth in Evidence Based programs

Youth Engagement Working group – Art Mural ceremony with the Strong Women of Tomorrow. The ceremony was emotional and very profound as each youth shared their experience. Other organizations have approached the group to do a mural.

Implementation Working Group – RCMP have secured more funding to purchase Positive Action materials for Alkali Lake. It was stressed that the RCMP not be seen as a funding resource. A press release will be written to announce the funding.

Three one page description were created to help inform the community:
oWhat is Communities That Care?
oWhat is Positive Action?
oHow to Invest in Communities That Care Evidence Based Programs?

April 13/14 I-minds presentation and Pro-D Day. CTC participated in the workshop to promote the CTC project and Positive Action as well as learn more about the Imind program resources

April 18 – CTC Board Meeting. Items discussed were:

oCTC contract renewal. MCFD chose the School district as the new contract holder. The new contract will start September 2011 – May 2012. Reasons included:

oInfrastructure was considered within the 9 month period
oAligns with goals of aboriginal framework
oFuture funding was considered
oChallenging for a new agency to establish goals in the 9 month period
oOver the 9 months, the school district could make lead way in the business, aboriginal and social service sectors.
oQuestions were written on 5 pieces of flipchart paper to get the Board members feedback:

1.What is the role of CTC?
2.What is the role of the Key Leader Board?
3.What is the role of the Community Board?
4.Who needs to be involved?
5.What resources do we need?

Preparations are being made for the BC Rural Network presentation on May 24/25. A video will be created with interviews from community members on their experience with CTC

Next Community Board meeting will be May 10, 2011, and the next Key Leader meeting will be June 14, 2011. An invitation was passed around for new members to join the Key Leader Board and attend the next meeting.

Materials made available at the meeting included: “What is Communities that Care?”, “What is positive Action?”, “How to INVEST in CTC Evidence Based Programs” and a formal “Invitation to join the CTC Key Leader Board”– For copies of these documents please email ctc@williamslake.ca or spc-coordinator@xplornet.com

6) BC Rural Network AGM and Conference May 24 & 25th, 2011 reminder

With visitors from all across British Columbia, this incredible two day event is sponsored in partnership between TRU, the SPC and the South Cariboo Social Planning Committee. Some confirmed activities include:

•Communities that Care Presentation
•Living Wage Presentation
•Michael McCarthy Flynn (aka “the Living Wage Guru”) from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) will be speaking on May 24th,
•Panel discussions – Food Initiatives, Natalie Clark on Engaging Youth, Social Media for Community Development
•Un-sessions (with a theme and moderator) – Food Policy, Youth Leadership, and Arts & Culture
•Tuesday afternoon session on “e-learn”

These events are free for youth, and for adults costs $20 for a half day or $40 for a full day. You can also join the BC Rural Network for $40 and as a member can get in for free (if there is space left).

The SPC also discussed asking Michael McCarthy Flynn to speak at a venue open to the public Tuesday evening.

Maureen will be sending out press releases and invitations.

7) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Williams Lake - Annie McKitrick

The draft MOU between the SPC and the City of Williams Lake that was distributed to the membership for feedback last month is being presented to Council for consideration tonight. Council will also be reviewing the Secondary Suite Policy and reading the Official Community Plan (OCP).

This will be the last SPC meeting Annie will be attending as she is moving to Alberta to work in a similar capacity. Anne Burrill will be returning as the actual Manager of Social Development for the City of Williams Lake on May 17, 2011.

The SPC took this opportunity to thank Annie for all the hard work and amazing work she has done in the community during her time at the City. Her work is appreciated by everyone at the table and we thank-her very much. Annie also thanked the group for their hard work and cooperative efforts.

8) Round table updates (limited due to time constraints)

Annie - The last Community Capacity Building meeting was a very valuable meeting which Monica attended and can provide more information about. The SPC should continue with these capacity building initiatives.

Nancy (CDC) – a) Expansion Plans for the 2nd Avenue Building continue. The greatest need is for more office space, meeting space, and service centre & client space. Instead of two floors the design plans now include single storey additions with a retaining wall, b) Good News! - Funding has been approved for a new clinic to server the broader Chilcotin Area and two Shuswap communities.

Michelle (FPC) – Upon Annie’s recommendation, Michelle recently attended an Enterprising for Non-profits Seminar and learned about many available funding and programs available. If anyone would like more information please contact Michelle at 250-267-2085 or michelle.daymond@gmail.com.

Sally (Boys & Girls Club, Canadian Cancer Agency) - Provided posters for some ProD Day Sessions on May 13th, 2011 - To register for either of the sessions below please contact Rayna at rayna.carpenter@sd27.bc.ca or 250-398-3855

•Creating Safe Spaces Workshop focused on discrimination and bullying is taking place on the Pro D Day May 13th from 1 – 3pm at Columneetza Secondary School. This is for Counsellors, Social Jstice Advocates, Youth Workers, Community Service Providers, Parents and Students.

•Hi5Living Toolkit – Hi5Living.org is an interactive toolkit designed by Teachers, for Teachers. It was created by the BC Cancer Aency Prevention Programs as part of our Healthy Living School Program to deliver positive messages and reliable information about healthy choices. There is a Pro D Day session on May 13th from 9:30 – 11:30 am at Columneetza Secondary.

Meeting Adjourned: the next regular scheduled meeting is rescheduled for Monday May 30, 2011 11:30 am City Hall (due to May 23 being a holiday).

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The Social Planning Council is made up of volunteers from the community. Many of us work in social services agencies or also volunteer for other organizations.

Our Mailing Address is Box 20045, Williams Lake BC V2G 4R1

To reach the Society Coordinator Jessica Dunn please email spc-coordinator@xplornet.com or call 250-243-2126

To reach the Communities that Care Project Manager Carla Bullinger please email carla@caribooliteracy.com or call 250-267-8249

To reach the THRIVE Williams Lake Project Manager Anne Burrill please email anne@changemakerconsulting.ca or call 250-267-7211

To reach the current SPC Chair Larry Stranberg please email happytrails@cfdccariboo.com or call 250-392-3626