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What is The Social Planning Council?


o Monthly Meetings: Attend meetings with guest speakers from within the community &/or presentations at each meeting. We currently meet the fourth Monday of every month (excluding summer) at City Hall with light lunch by donation.

o Facebook & Email Group: Utilize the network on Facebook. Start discussions, learn about & share upcoming community events, projects and meetings. If you don’t use Facebook, then join the email network instead.

o Inform City Council: The SPC provides reports to City Council regularly and the City keeps the SPC informed. Use the network and have your voices heard.

Strategic Direction of the Social Planning Council of Williams Lake & Area:

o Poverty Reduction and the local Living Wage Campaign.

o Community Collaboration and Networking.

o Retention and Succession of residents within the Area.

Community Social Planning:

o Supports communities in building an integrated approach to complex problems that take into account social, economic, and environmental concerns.

o Maximizes the effectiveness of often scarce resources by working to reduce duplication, overlap and competition.

o Provides an ongoing forum for communication, coordination and conflict resolution.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Community Updates (9) - Oct 29, 2018

Table of Contents:
1) Monthly SPC Meeting - Mon Oct 22 at 11:30 am
NOTE - Change in location this month
2) GET out to VOTE tomorrow - Sat Oct 20, 2018
a) City of Williams Lake Election & Voting Information
b) Cariboo Regional District (CRD) 2018 Election & Voting Information
c) School District Board of Trustee Elections
3) Take our 5 minute SURVEY - please submit your feedback to the SPC
4) SPC OPEN HOUSE (& AGM) Nov 26 - 10:30 - 2:00 pm
5) Language Instruction Classes for Newcomers to Canada
6) Professional Development Training Oct 29-30 (9am - 4:30 pm)
7) THRIVE Williams Lake wants to hear from community members
8) Winter Lights Parade - Register today
9) "Find your Fit" Tour (employment exploration) for students Nov 29th

Please visit http://cm.pn/3z6o for the updates listed above.

SPC Monthly Meeting Minutes (draft) - Sept 24, 2018

Time & Location: 11:30 - 1:00 pm - Community Futures Office, Williams Lake, BC
In attendance (from sign-in sheet): Diane Wright, Beth Veenkamp, Tamara Summer, Janice Breck, Jessica Dunn, Anne Burrill, Melissa Newberry, Larry Stranberg, and Carla Bullinger.

Review Agenda and Minutes
·   Review meeting agenda for Sept 24, 2018
MOTION to accept agenda as presented
Motion was made, seconded, all in favour, motion CARRIED
·   Review meeting minutes from Jun 25, 2018
MOTION to accept minutes as presented
Motion was made, seconded, all in favour, motion CARRIED

Social Planning Council Survey - please participate
Please participate in the survey sent out by the SPC - visit the following link to view the survey:


Discussions that followed:
Re: date & time of meetings - there will never be a time that is best for everyone.
Breakfast morning, lunch
Having meetings at one location is helpful.

Some Topics of interest:
-Training options for people with barriers (regional education council is also working on this) - TRU, School District, etc.
-As a volunteer based organization - there has been a noticeable decline in volunteerism in general. It seems as there is a core group of volunteers, and these people are burning out. Demographically they have almost been "aged out". How do you engage people to volunteer more. What would encourage people to volunteer more? Many new people are moving here - great opportunity
-Booklet with groups who are looking for volunteers could be useful.
-Last few years there seems to be a shift in the culture - and many people are expecting compensation these days.
-Volunteering in itself has benefits - e.g. feeling disconnected -> volunteering provides a huge benefit.
-Information before volunteering would be a benefit - to know what the opportunity will be like - different people like different activities. And - how much of a commitment will the opportunity require? Clear expectations up front are important for recruiting the right people.
-Sense of belonging is important - people want to feel like they belong.
-A Volunteer Fair - in the past too much work for the amount of participation
-Welcome Wagon - volunteer package in this?
-This would also help attracting people to our region - new people want to know the opportunities available.
-Similar programs - Books for Babies package, Real Estate Board "package"
-Information on the benefits of volunteering would be beneficial
-Social Media - great platform to reach people
-One on one recruitment is more effective than a general presentation.

-TOPIC: Youth Leadership Class - attend and share.

THRIVE Williams Lake Update
Engaging the community to find long term solutions to lifting people out of poverty - identify solutions that could work, and increase access opportunities to engage in the community. Three current initiatives:

Lived Experience Voices - provide input three ways (see poster)

Business at it's Best - partnership with City, BIA and Community Futures (Business Engagement Initiative) - looking for employers and employees who work in a great environment -> collect examples, and event to showcase and share the examples. For anyone who is an employer.

Adaptive Leadership Training - 25 seats available. The world is changing so fast - how do you find and create the vision. There is movement away from the logic model into a more adaptive model (entails a solid plan, but with a windy road). Projects are an evolving process, not just a success or failure. This increases ownership of projects, and creates a safer environment.

Tasha at the Big Brothers Big Sisters has a trusted relationship with many people - please contact her

Communities that Care Update
Communities that Care Program Update & New Position at the Social Planning Council

CTC has been in operation since 2008 (City and SPC), went to SD in 2011, and now back to the SPC table.

First community board meeting of this year took place earlier this month (the board meets once a month). Evidence based community driven model.

Strategic Actions - implementing Talking circles

There is a CTC office in this building (Community Futures)

Grant Writing - your feedback is wanted
Revisiting a discussion topic from earlier this year. We want to hear your experiences with grant writing.

In follow up to Nancy's discussion, and in response to feedback we have heard across the SPC table in the past year. Sometimes it is too onerous of a process, sometimes it takes too long (timeline is over by the time you get a response), sometimes you only get a portion of what you applied for (which might not be worth the time it took to prepare the application).

Discussion that followed:
Shoppers, and Walmart - easy and clear.

A precursor to applying would be a great benefit - e.g. 5 minute survey to determine if you should even consider applying.

Suggestion - contact established Network of Charitable Funding organizations - are they aware of this type of feedback?

Annual General Meeting planning
Start planning for the Annual General Meeting typically held in November

OPEN House and AGM November 26th

Open House - Time 10:30 - 2:30 pm (12:30 - 1:00 for business portion of the meeting).
Powerpoint Presentations on screen (and in Board Meeting).

Roundtable Updates
Please bring a hardcopy for Jessica &/or send updates by email for distribution to the network via community updates.

Larry Stranberg (Community Futures) - Gaming Grant Writing Workshops in both WL and 100 Mile.

Beth Veenkamp (City of Williams Lake) - Working on Economic development strategy. Staff and council are in discussions about what is dooable, and what is not. 2016 census data has been analyzed - Beth will share this information.  Four major construction projects underway - Long Term Facility, Low Income Housing, Two restaurants/retail space. Question - Does the TRIBUNE know about the open house - they are a great resource to utilize

Jessica Dunn - Letter of Support "template" for the SPC, and please send pictures for our grant application.

Melissa Newberry (BBBS) - The last Tour de Cariboo took place Sept 8th, and was quite sad actually. Sense of community feedback - replacing this event will be very hard. Current volunteers/participants are aging-out. Attracting a new demographic is important. This is a fundraiser, not athletic event. Ideas are welcomed! E.g. mud obstacle course at stampede ground.

Carla Bullinger - ESL classes are running again. Conversation circle at 5pm on Fridays

Tamara Summer (United Way) - Project officially starts Oct 1 and will run until May 10th. Firesmarting for vulnerable homes in the community for people who cannot do the work themselves. Looking to source vulnerable homes in surrounding areas. Participants must be EI eligible and facing strong barriers for employment and will receive training (Horton -> sends participants to United Way). Contact Tamara directly for more information. Comment - consider literacy and other learning barriers (multiple choice written exams are not always best for some people).

Anne Burrill (Changemaker Consulting) - Housing First is moving to CMHA from FBC. Email will change, phone will remain the same. Regional Education Council (made up of CCPL, TRU, Horton Ventures, and more) looking to put on a regional conference/event - likely to take place in February - bring stakeholders together to help bridge barriers for employees and/or employers looking for skilled workers.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Social Planning Community Updates (20) - Oct 5, 201

Table of Contents:
1) City of Williams Lake Election & Voting Information
2) Cariboo Regional District (CRD) 2018 Election & Voting Information
3) BC Interior Community Foundation - Funding deadline extended to Oct 15th
4) Seats still Available for October - TRU in Williams Lake
5) Free Workshop - Keep your Bookkeeper Happy - Oct 10
6) ADHD Family Support Group - Oct 18 5:30 - 7pm
7) SPC SURVEY - please submit your feedback
8) Annual General Meeting/SPC OPEN HOUSE Nov 26 - 10:30 - 2:00 pm
9) Monthly SPC Meeting - Mon Oct 22 at 11:30 am
10) Williams Lake Library weekly program - Baby Time and Story Time
11) Language Instruction Classes for Newcomers to Canada
12) Williams Lake Library - Free Lego Drop-in Oct 11
13) Professional Development Training Oct 29-30 (9am - 4:30 pm)
14) Arts on the Fly - Artist Applications now open
15) THRIVE Williams Lake wants to hear from community members
16) First Peoples' Cultural Council - Language Grants Open
17) Downtown Williams Lake BIA Announces - 2 store open later
18) Winter Lights Parade - Register today
19) "Find your Fit" Tour (employment exploration) for students Nov 29th
20) The CTC Program is looking for a p/t Facilitator

 Please visit the following link for the above updates from around the community:

Friday, September 21, 2018

Community Updates (21) - Sept 21, 2018

Table of Contents:
1) Next SPC Meeting - Mon Sept 24 from 11:30 am  - 1:00 pm at Community Futures

2) SURVEY - Social Planning Council - please submit your feedback

3) Buy a Cookie & Help local Children - Smile Week at Time Hortons

4) Diamond Dinner tickets for Sept 29th - almost sold out

5) Tonight! Outdoor Movie Night - Sept 21st at 7:30 pm

6) Notes of Autumn - Family Style Barn Dance with Youth Fiddlers - Sat Sept 22nd

7) Williams Lake Kidney Walk - Sept 23rd from 9am - 2pm

8) English Conversation Circle - "Rock Talk" Sept 25th 5:30 - 7 pm

9) Employment Opportunity - CCACS Arts Centre Administrator

10) Williams Lake Library - Babytime and Storytime return

11) Language Instruction Classes for Newcomers to Canada

12) Gently Used Fall and Winter Clothing Sale - Sept 28 & 29

13) Free Gaming Grant Writing Workshop - RSVP now* (see date correction below)

14) Three Year Old Round-up - For children born in 2015

15) City of Williams Lake Grant in Aid Applications - deadline Sept 30th

16) Vintage Yard Sale Sept 29th - Potato House Society

17) The Communities that Care Program is looking for a p/t Facilitator - Job posting below

18) Air Quality Workshop - Sept 27 from 9am - 12 pm at SINC

19) Williams Lake Library - Free Lego Drop-in

20) COPS for Cancer Gala - Oct 6th

21) Training Opportunity - Save the Date Oct 29-30

Please visit the link below for the above updates!


*13) The date in the newsletter is incorrect. The date for both workshops in Williams Lake is Sept 27th (Part 1 in the morning, and Part 2 in the afternoon).

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The Social Planning Council is made up of volunteers from the community. Many of us work in social services agencies or also volunteer for other organizations.

Our Mailing Address is Box 20045, Williams Lake BC V2G 4R1

To reach the Society Coordinator Jessica Dunn please email spc-coordinator@xplornet.com or call 250-243-2126

To reach the Communities that Care Project Manager Carla Bullinger please email carla@caribooliteracy.com or call 250-267-8249

To reach the THRIVE Williams Lake Project Manager Anne Burrill please email anne@changemakerconsulting.ca or call 250-267-7211

To reach the current SPC Chair Larry Stranberg please email happytrails@cfdccariboo.com or call 250-392-3626